Reporting Volunteer Maintenance and Admin Hours

Reporting volunteer hours is very important to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. The AT is entirely maintained by volunteer hiking clubs. Club members volunteer thousands of hours every year maintaining the trail, administering club activities and leading hikes for members and guests. ATC calculates the dollar value of volunteer hours and uses the value as matching funds for grants that support both ATC and the maintaining clubs. So please report all of the maintenance and administrative hours you volunteer each year. The reporting year is from October 1st to September 30th each year. Thanks for your service and for reporting hours!
Administrative Hours Maintenance Hours
Report hours worked to administer NBATC and ATC activities. Activities include Board and commitiee meetings, partner meetings, travel to and from meetings, education and outreach activities, etc. Also, include hours spent performing administrative duties, committee functions and planning/leading hikes. Report hours worked for all activities needed to maintain the AT and other area trails. Activities include checking the trail, clipping, weed eating, blazing, cleaning water bars, shelter and trail construction, Konnarock, maintaining equipment, and travel to and from worksites.