Missing hike data
(hike date is past and no report form leader)
2016-10-02 Bushwhack with Adam
2016-10-09 Bushwhack with Adam
2017-10-15 James River State Park
2018-06-16 Apple Orchard Falls and Cornelius Creek Trails Loop
2018-06-23 Xtreme Adventure Hike: Andy Lane Trail; Tinker Cliffs; Scorched Earth Gap; and Hay Rock
2018-06-07 Chessie Trail
2018-06-14 Schuyler Quarry and Gardens
2018-06-05 Thunder Ridge to Thunder Hill Shelter
2018-06-21 Flat Top
2018-06-18 Greasy Spring Rd. north
2018-06-18 James River to Matts Creek Shelter